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When partnering with The DW Group for your market development, product development and manufacturing needs, you have access to our entire corporate expertise. Our relationships, knowledge, skill and experience are available to further your economic goals.The DW Group as an extension of your business development plan is the smart way to grow your business! Success is our mutual goal, which may only be achieved by providing the right solution for you, our private label partner. Whether you select from our inventory of market-ready products or take advantage of our custom product development services, our turnkey program capabilities will significantly shorten your time to market and greatly increase your ROI.


Our valued industry relationships bring innovative technology and formulas with scientifically supported features and ingredients at prices that will fit your budget. This is what distinguishes The DW Group and this is the cutting-edge advantage you will gain from doing business with us.

Due to the large investment required for research, development and manufacturing, small companies and entrepreneurs usually fear they will not have any input in the recipes, product features or packaging of the products they want to brand. As sophisticated technologies become widespread, sourcing of a wide range of customized products can be made at very low cost. These same products may have prices that allow for net margins to account up to several times the cost of the goods sold, allowing for additional guarantees to these products, offering better quality, customer support, features and services. The DW Group will help you locate the manufacturer that will reflect your brand’s image, provide you quality assurance, customer service and will work within your budget.


Distribution is the process of moving a product from its manufacturing source to its customers. The distribution channel you select for your products should be based on a careful analysis of the needs of your customers and the product in the marketplace. The DW Group will assist you in identifying the right channel of distribution for your business, your products and your customers.


Once your business is up and running–and you’re getting tons of orders–you need a way to promptly fulfill and ship those orders. You can either outsource the fulfillment and distribution process or set it up in-house. Full-service fulfillment companies offer up an end-to-end solution: They take your products from warehouse shelves, pack them, hand them to shippers and then send an automated e-mail response to your customers to let them know their packages are in transit. They can also handle your credit-card processing, supply current inventory levels to your website, reorder products, offer call-center services, send notices of shipping and handle returns. There are literally thousands of these companies to choose from, The DW Group provides the expertise to find one that suits your needs.

If somebody else out there sells the same thing you sell for a nickel less, your customers will know about it. And because the profit margin is so small, by the time you put the product in a box, surround it with Styrofoam packing peanuts and take it down to UPS, you’ve often lost money. One advantage of using a fulfillment outsourcer is that they are able to buy shipping materials in large quantities in order to receive volume discounts. They can then pass the savings on to their clients. Another plus: When you outsource fulfillment, you don’t have to run a large warehouse operation, and this in itself can be a big money-saver. Let The DW Group help you source the right fulfillment for you and your customers.


The DW Group wants to meet your needs and exceed your expectations by sourcing marketing partnerships that will:

  • Help you customize packaging and labels using the latest trends in design
  • Translate key concepts of your business into a creative brand & logo
  • Help you to create an online presence with a state of the art website and e commerce solutions that will provide excellent customer support
  • Create marketing materials that will stand out amongst the competition and capture your product’s competitive advantage.


The DW Group is a diversified solutions provider specializing in the development, marketing and distribution of consumer products. With expertise in cosmeceuticals, health & wellness, fashion and chemical technologies, our clients proclaim that we are their competitive advantage when it comes to connecting critical relationships, collaborative partnerships, brand impact and diversified revenue strategies. We provide high-quality professional consulting services that span both technical and cultural issues. We treat technologies as tools in a tool chest, and use them when they offer practical solutions and achievable results. We treat our clients as our highest priority. Everything that we do is client driven and for the client’s ultimate benefit. The DW Group offers training, sales incentive gifts, publications and resources to help entrepreneurs improve their strengths and grow their businesses. The training and consulting offered by The DW Group was developed over a collective 37 years in the business. We are the just right team building the just right goal for your business.

Private Labeling

Have you identified a business opportunity in a new product or groups of products, and have not pursued this opportunity because you are overwhelmed by the thought of setting up a production line or facility that may require a substantial investment in equipment, human resources, patents and so forth. In many cases, a viable alternative is to source from a specialized company that has already made such investments and that has spare production capacity. The DW Group can help you source the right manufacturing partnerships in the market, avoiding or minimizing direct competition using general marketing practices such as: dedicated distribution channels, different image and customer perception of the brands, and pricing.Private Labeling allows a business or entrepreneur to enter the market with products that are quite different, but somehow associable, to those that have made them famous such as fashion, perfumes, skin & hair care, household products and so on.  Private Labeling may be an extremely profitable opportunity for companies or entrepreneurs commanding an important share of the market with certain products that enjoy a high customer recognition.  By private labeling your personalized image is associated with the product, which in turn can lead to higher customer and brand loyalty.