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Our Mission

  • Customer Responsibility
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Societal Responsibility
  • Scientific Excellence
  • Technological Ingenuity
  • Innovation and Imagination
  • Integrity, Knowledge, Skill, Diversity and Teamwork

The DW Group’s mission & vision is to help our clients profitably reach unique markets with signature products by developing and delivering unmatched quality and competitive pricing. Our core purpose is to provide our clients with products that meet and exceed their requirements, fulfill their promise to their clients and support them in reaching their product related goals. We expect to create profits, but only from work that satisfies customer needs and benefits humanity.

The DW Group is built on upon a culture of ethics and transparency. We honor the fact that people are our most important resources. The highest levels of integrity and principle-centered conduct drive the company and its employees’ activities. Like integrity of product, integrity of performance is a DW Group standard wherever we do business.